Chlorinators & Chemical Feeders

Swimming pools need regular chlorination to prevent harmful growth of bacteria and algae that can cause a multitude of negative pool chlorinators caboolture the pool peoplehealth effects. Simply filtering the water is not enough.

Pool chemical feeders supply the perfect amount of chlorine to your pool for crystal clear water. Chlorine generators take the chlorinating guess work out of your pool. There’s no more handling of liquid or tablet chlorine with one of our salt water chlorinators from The Pool People.

If you are tired of dosing chlorine by hand, wish to convert to salt chlorination or are looking at automating your chlorine dosing we will have a Chlorinator that is appropriate for your pool. These chlorinators won’t forget to add chlorine and can also do it when you are away.

Step up to Automated Chlorination, give us a call to discuss your requirements.