Pool Cleaners

Whatever your type of pool, The Pool People have the right pool cleaner for you. We have the largest range of Automatic Pool Cleaners in Australia at the bestThe Pool People Pool Cleaners Caboolture prices. Our range includes Suction, Mechanic, Robotic, Hybrid and Pressure Pool Cleaners from the most renowned brands. incorporating the latest, advanced pool cleaning technology.

When you choose the right automatic cleaner, it will let you enjoy a sparkling-clean and inviting pool with low maintenance costs and minimum inconveniences.

Each type of pool cleaner has specific features and benefits, and not all will be suitable for your pool.

There are 4 common types of pool cleaners available –

  • Suction Cleaners
    This type of pool cleaner acts like a vacuum, sucking out debris and other foreign matter to the skimmer basket which can then be emptied when required.
  • Pressure Pool Cleaners

    Pressure pool cleaners are designed to collect leaves and other floating debris in a bag on top of the cleaner and ideal for pools in environments with lots of trees and shrubs.

  • Pool Return Cleaners

    Pool Return Cleaners acts in a similar fashion to the pressure pool cleaner but they use existing pool returns to drive the cleaner rather than relying on a dedicated return line.

  • Robotic Pool Cleaners

    As their name suggests robotic pool cleaners operate independently from your filtration system from electricity, vacuuming and cleaning debris from the bottom of your swimming pool with little manual handling. All you need to do is drop it in, retrieve it, empty the debris and store it for the next use.

For more information about Pool Cleaners, talk to our experienced staff